Graduate Architecture and Urban Planing Program


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Main Objective

The Graduate Program in Architecture and Urban Planning at UFV - Master and Doctoral Programs - has as its main objective the academic education and improvement at a high level of professionals committed to the advancement of knowledge, in the field of Architecture and Urbanism.

Specific objectives

- Qualify professionals and academic staff, providing them with a broad, deep and critical view of the built environment, aiming at their performance in higher education institutions, research institutes, public services and in the private sector.

- Develop research and studies in the areas of Urban Planning, Design and Technology of the Built Space, which translate into an effective contribution to society.

- Develop techniques, processes and methodologies using environmentally sustainable technologies, aiming at improving the quality of life in urban centers.

- Expand scientific production that investigates the problems of small and medium demographic cities, disseminating it in scientific publications, through participation in events and university extension projects.

- Integrate the Graduate Program with the undergraduate course in Architecture and Urbanism and other related areas, such as Civil Engineering, Production Engineering, Geography, History, Law, Forest Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Agricultural and Environmental Engineering and others.